Awesome Skiing Gadgets You’ll Want To Have

When the winter season approaches, it means that the season for skiing is also at hand. Skiing is one of the most popular snow sports that have been there since time immemorial. The sport has however seen a revolution over the years thanks to the advanced technology which has made it possible for the snow sports lovers to enjoy the sport with minimal risks. There are gadgets that now come in handy that will make your skiing experience memorable.

Listed below are seven of the awesome gadgets that should be part of your accessories as you take time on the slopes:

1. Water proof camera

Photography is one of the best ways to capture memorable events. However, most digital cameras available in the market are not suited for the rough weather that comes with snowing. They are therefore of little use during skiing. Fortunately, there are cameras available in the market that will no doubt make all the difference. These are cameras that are able to withstand the extreme weather conditions and still take beautiful pictures and videos. By visiting the site you will be able to get a review of the best freeze- and waterproof cameras that should form part of your must have gadgets when skiing in the 2015 season.

2. iTrailMap 3D app

A must have accessory for any skiing expedition, this is an iPhone app that gives you a 3D representation of your surrounding while at the same time giving you information that will help keep you on track. Additionally it keeps records of your ski tracks making it possible for you to easily find your way back to your favorite spot.

3. Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf

This gadget helps you to carry your possessions without stuffing your pockets. It keeps you Warm while at the same time providing a place to keep your touchscreen device and use it without having to remove it. Additionally it also has space where you can safely keep your keys, ID, lip balm or whatever else you would want to have with you while skiing.

4. Transceiver

This is definitely one of the most important safety gadgets that everyone contemplating skiing should have. It has features that are able to show your position and depth should you have an accident while skiing. Its features include a compass, thermometer and inclinometer. It is very useful especially during searches because it sends out radio signals.

5. Pro-tec audio force helmet

This gadget gives a perfect combination of safety and fun especially for the music lovers. As a helmet it provides safety. It has built in headphones that only require you to plug in your ipod and listen to your favorite music on good quality audio while on the move. It is therefore a must have for anyone who would love to have their music on.

6. Weatherproof backpack

When you’re out on the slopes, you often want to bring some stuff. Maybe you’ll want to bring a bottle of water, some food, some extra clothing and maybe even a DSLR camera. In that case you’ll need a good weatherproof backpack that’s capable of holding all that stuff while keeping it safe and dry on your back. There are a number of weatherproof backpacks with a DSLR compartment to choose from.

7. F-Bom Google

Worried about foggy vision? Well, worry no more. This gadget has taken care of that by incorporating a warming layer between lenses. This helps the goggle to combat fog and hence give you clear vision as you ski.

In conclusion, skiing has been made more safe and fun by just adding simple yet effective accessories to your gear. Therefore, as the winter season kicks in, get out and have some adventurous escapades on the snow.

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