Modular or Prefab buildings hold many advantages over traditional on-site construction. If you are planning to erect a new structure, there should be a modular solution that suits you perfectly. Modular buildings have been well utilized for uses as diverse as retail and healthcare. This article will explain some of the advantages modular buildings have over traditional construction.

Cost savings

The most obvious advantage and the reason most owners opt for modular construction is the huge cost savings it can provide. Savings can be made on the reduced labor costs needed as well as on materials. Modular buildings can save on material as there is little wasted in the precise production systems that the off-site manufacturing facility uses. You also have the option of leasing a temporary portable building instead of buying. Some companies also offer leasing plans that allow you to own the building at completion as well as buy back options.

Time savings

Since the building is manufactured at an off-site facility, the building can be constructed at the same time as the foundation is being laid. This is a significant reduction in terms of erection times for a building. Additionally, the facility can use prefabricated pieces which can be put together in a matter of days to build your structure. This will allow for earlier occupancy of the building and fewer hassles when it comes to change orders. External factors that affect on-site construction like weather delays and route interruptions are also not a factor as the construction will take place at the facility.

Environmentally friendly

Prefab buildings also offer a whole host of environmental benefits if you are concerned about the carbon footprint of your construction. They are a great option for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint whether from office buildings or industrial buildings. This starts with the waste reduction in the use of materials. Furthermore, many manufacturers build using recycled material and materials from your building can be recycled or reused once it reaches the end of its life. There is also reduced use of heavy machinery on-site as the building is constructed at a facility. This means that the emissions from the machinery as well as labor commutes are drastically reduced.


There are many kinds of modular structures available. You can decide to buy a moveable structure which allows you to shift the entire structure when you want. Permanent structures are also available. Additions and removals of rooms and areas of the structures can also be done very easily and cheaply. This allows you to react to the space demand that your business or residence needs in very little time which results in significant cost and time savings.


Many manufacturers also use materials in their construction that are better for your health. Paint with lower levels of Volatile Organic Compounds is becoming a major part of modular construction. Tilings with similar qualities are also used in modern modular buildings. These are great options especially for healthcare or education buildings as they help to keep the air quality in the buildings suitable for the users.

Modular buildings can offer great quality while keeping the costs down. A professional can help you decide if a prefab building is a good option for your needs.

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Real Estate Rochester NY

While modular building used to be regarded as cheap and low quality, the advances in the industry has created processes that can still deliver the cost savings but through very high quality construction. They can also create some very aesthetically pleasing designs. Here are some of the high end style options you can choose when buying a modular home.


Modeled after alpine houses in Switzerland, the chalet style is perfect for climates where heavy snowfall and low temperatures are expected. The pointed roof with a steep slope can handle very heavy snowfall and can drain it off very easily. Additionally, the style comes with large windows that give it a very classic look alongside the exposed wood. The windows help keep the house warm by letting in as much sun as possible. Additionally, they also offer great views and help keep energy costs low by lighting the house with natural light.


The colonial style of modular homes is based on old plantations that can be found in the Southern United States. They are large and feature large white columns out front. The style also calls for a front porch or a wrap-around porch which goes all the way around the house. Expect houses built in this style to have at least two stories and they are best installed on large portions of land. If you have a large family and a big property, this may be the best choice.

Steel Frame

Modern designs call or steel framed modular homes that look like they belong in this era. They are built to look cutting edge and are usually custom built to suit the need of the owner. They are often more expensive but the steel frames allow for more freedom due to their strength. You can choose to have larger rooms and open floor plans as there is no need for as many load bearing walls. This means that you can choose to have an entire wall replaced with glass or even have a ceiling made of glass.


When referring to mansions as a style, it is more a reference to the size of the building rather than the aesthetics. With modular buildings you can change, add and remove elements from your design to your heart’s content and only stop when you have your perfect house. If you have a large parcel of land and want a high-end house, there is no reason that the manufacturer and contractor will not work with you to deliver exactly what you want. Manufacturers like SERVACOMM in the UK have websites like http://www.servaccomm.co.uk/ through which you can contact them and request advice for the kind of house you want.

Use your imagination and the advice of a professional to design and order your dream home. With modular construction, you will be able to save money and have your home ready in a much shorter time. With the great leaps that the industry has made, no design may be impractical.



If you take a look at how much money you spend on your household bills, you may be surprised at the figure. These types of bills can easily mount up without us realizing, but there are some things we can do about them.


Household bills can include Tv subscriptions, car tax and other bills, and they are all things that you can lower, and here’s how:


Work out what you need to pay


You will still need to pay your rent, gas, electric and water bills. You will need to pay other bills that basically keep your home running too. These are the bills that you will need to keep paying in order to have a roof over your head. If your rent, or your mortgage payment is too high, then you may want to think about moving elsewhere.


Work out what you can live without


You can live without all those Tv subscriptions, and you can live without that expensive gym membership. There are much cheaper ways to exercise, and there are also cheaper ways to catch up on your favorite television programs.


Can you also live without your second car? Your Snow Lotus Aromatherapy, or even your weekly night’s out and take aways? If you’re not sure that you can, then see how much money you spend on them each and every week. This will give you an idea as to how much you spend on these things, and it will also make you realize how much money you are wasting.


Start to cut down


Switch your weekly takeaways to monthly ones, reduce the amount of Tv subscriptions you have, and see if you can manage with one car. It may be that you will have to catch the bus or train instead of the car, but it could work out to be so much cheaper, and it could also mean that you will miss the traffic build up before and after work.


What about food?


You can save money on food, as you can cut down on your takeaways, and you may also want to think about cooking meals from scratch. You should also try to eat any leftovers, and avoid letting food go past its expiration date. Reducing your monthly food costs can also help you to save a lot of money, and that can only be a good thing.


As you can see, it’s perfectly easy to reduce your household bills, so why not work on it today?



Moving can be a great hassle. Whether you hire professional movers or decide to move all your things with the help of a few friends, moving day is going to be a long day. The best way to reduce the stress is to use some hacks and to prepare well. These tips will help you do just that.

Get the right boxes

Buy small boxes for small things and big boxes for the large ones. If you are not careful about the right boxes, you may end up losing or damaging your things. It is easy to find free boxes at stores and usually, they will be more than happy to get rid of them.

Grocery stores are great places to find boxes and there should be one in your neighborhood. When looking for large boxes, try a furniture store, they should be able to help you find boxes that will fit some of your larger things. Boxes with handles are great as they are much easier to carry. If you cannot find these, then take the time to carve out your own handles on the side of boxes.

Color code

Use some sticky markers from the stationery store to mark out your boxes. Use a specific color on boxes that go to a specific room. When you get to your new house, put a marker of the same color on the door of the room you want the box to go to. This will make things a lot easier for the movers as they will be able to quickly plan out how they are going to move things in.

Don’t be cheap with tape

Get hold of rolls of a strong kind of tape. Use it to seal your boxes and make sure things do not fall out. Tape the front of mirrors and other glass items. This will stop them from slipping around when being moved. Tape the tops of all bottles of detergent, shampoo, kitchen supplies and cleaning fluids. You will thank yourself later. Use cling film in liberal quantities as well so make sure that there is no slippage or spillage. You can also use trash bags to slip your clothes in with the hangers on to make it easy to pack and unpack them. Make sure you tape up the top and bottom properly.

Hire some movers

While your friends may look like a cheaper option, they may not be. For starters, they have no insurance against damage. If they end up breaking something, it is pretty much a loss. Professional movers will be able to cover this. Professional movers are also a lot more efficient because they have years of experience and they will greatly reduce the hassle. If you are worried about the cost, hire some local movers. They are often cheaper than national companies. For example, if you live in New Jersey you can find a local New Jersey Moving Company who can do the work for a lot cheaper than some larger alternatives.

With these tips, you can be prepared for a hassle free moving day.



CAR ON THE MOVE 7Moving day is one of the most stressful days anyone can encounter. If you have hired professional movers, make sure that you make the move go without a hitch by working with your movers. These best practices will help you make sure that both you and your movers are happy through the day.

Be on time

Most movers are working on a tight schedule. In a survey of Movers NJ, the number one complaint they had was that the residents were not prepared on time. Make sure that you are there and packed to guide the movers when they arrive. If you are not able to, provide a proxy who will be there to instruct the movers.

The best way to be ready is to have everything packed away the night before and only have the essentials out that you will use overnight. Pack these away separately and on top so that you can use these as soon as you get to your new house. Many movers also include an additional fee in the contract if you cause their delays, so it is in your best interests to be on time.

Be friendly

While they are working for you, they are going to be working very hard all day. Be polite and friendly in your greetings and ask them what they need from you. This will help you make sure that they are extra careful with your valuable possessions and that you are comfortable with the crew. Remembering their names is also a great way to make sure you get on better with that and that they feel at ease when handling your things. Politeness and friendliness always goes a long way in making sure that a project goes smoothly.

Provide some basic help

Your movers will be physically straining themselves all day so you can make sure they are working at their best with some added niceties. Make sure that they have a lot of water to drink. If it is hot outside, you may also want to buy them some lemonade or make some yourself. Coffee is also a great way to keep them alert and working hard.

Make sure you have a bathroom that they can use. If it is very hot, have some fans around. Similarly, provide some heaters if they are working in the cold. Some people may also provide their movers with a small lunch if it is a big job. The movers are sure to appreciate the gesture you made and will take very good care of your things.

Provide feedback

Communicate your worries and instructions before and during the job. Giving them clear instructions will help the move run smoothly and you can rest assured that your things will arrive the way you want them to. After the job, you should provide them some feedback on the service that they provided so that they can do a better job the next time.

Movers are a great help in one of the most frustrating and intense projects you can take on- moving house. Treat them well and the job will not create any problems.

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Whenever I go into someone else’s home, it intrigues me to see how they have styled it. It doesn’t matter what kind of home we live in or even where we live, we can all potentially style our home our way.

When I first took a look around my current home, it was all very modern. There was a newly carpeted floor, shiny objects placed around the home, and it was quite minimalistic. Now, there aren’t as many shiny objects, and we’ve decorated it so that it doesn’t look so bare. We’ve unknowingly added our personality to each and every room, and chances are you have too.

Making it your own

Even if you don’t have very much money, you can still style your home your way. You don’t have to have the same style as everyone else, and you don’t have to have the same furniture as everyone else. Without spending very much money at all, you can add your own style with ease.

Take my friends’ home for example, she has a small two bedroom property that is a lot like all of the other houses on her estate. But when you go inside, you can see the difference between her home and many others. My friends’ home is lived in by someone who has an alternative taste. The throw on the sofa has small skulls on it, the carpet is dark, and the pictures on the wall reflect her personality. Without going into too much detail about every single room, my friend has clearly styled her home in a way that reflects her tastes.

The garden is relatively small, it has a nice bench, and enough room for her growing child to run around in. But the neighbour’s garden is quite different. Although it’s the same size, they have added some Topiary Letters to it that spell out the initials of everyone who lives there, and they have flowers in the borders and on the patio. This garden reflects the tastes and personality of the people who live in the house.

Styling your home

We all have the chance to style our home our way, no matter what it is that we like. You don’t even have to own the property to be able to add your own style. All that it takes is your belongings, and your wish to add your own flair.

My home is full of gardening books, criminology text books and tools that help us make wire animals. We have a few pictures hanging on the wall that my partner painted, and we clearly spend a lot of time baking. It’s our home, and without realizing, we have styled it our own way.


Whether you are moving across the city or across the country, moving to a new home can be scary for children. Kids often do not adapt to change well, and the thought of a new school, new friends, and a new neighborhood can be absolutely terrifying. One way that you can help them fight their fears is to involve them in the home moving process. Here are a few ways to do that.

Let the Kids Pack Up Their Room

When your children pack their room themselves, you are encouraging them to be involved in the moving process. You are also giving them an opportunity to know where each of their belongings is going to be after the move. As an added bonus, it helps take some of the stress of having yet another room that you must pack up before moving day. If they are too young to do the actual packing themselves, let them pack smaller boxes, making a garbage pile, and put aside some of their things to sell in a yard sale.

Let Them Help with a Garage Sale

If you have a lot of things that don’t need to be taken, a garage or yard sale is a fantastic idea. Let kids choose which of their items they would like to sell. You can even allow them to set up a stand to sell cookies or lemonade, so that they stay busy but involved as you handle some customers.

Let them Help Plan a Going Away Party

The thought of leaving friends can be scary, but it can be very helpful to let kids have a party to share their memories with close friends one last time. As you begin packing, have them help by assembling a guest list, picking out a theme, and thinking of a few party games. Then, sit down, decide what is reasonable, and let them have their party a week or so before you leave.

Familiarize them with the New Area

This is a great way to get older kids involved, especially if you are moving to a large city such as New Jersey, the movers can help you with the local area knowledge whilst they get busy packing and unpacking your goods.

As you spend time with them packing, have them do a little research about the new area where you will be living. Finding all of the new activities they will be able to participate in can be exciting. For younger kids, you could have them print off pictures of parks and other fun places in the new city and assemble a collage.


You want your child to be as comfortable as they can after moving home. By using some of these steps to involve them in the moving process, you can encourage them to do just that. If none of these ideas seem appealing, don’t be afraid to ask your child how they would like to help! They may be able to offer their own perspective on a way that they can help out and adjust to the new move.


If you’re about to welcome a dog into your home, then you will need to make sure that it is safe for your new four-legged friend. Even though you may have the best intentions, if your home isn’t safe, your dog could fall ill, or worse. The good news is there are some tips below that will help to ensure your home is safe enough for your pooch:

Remove or hide anything they can chew

Believe me, puppies will try to chew just about anything, so please move or hide cables, and anything you don’t want chewed. While your puppy is small, it will be limited to what it can reach from the ground, but don’t forget it can jump onto furniture too. No matter how cute the Little Puppies Online look, they still need to be house broken, so prepare your home for a chewing monster’s arrival.

Give them their own place to sleep

A dog needs its own place to sleep, as it needs to know where it stands in the ranking of the household, but it also needs to feel safe too. When you bring a dog home for the first time, give it a cage to sleep in. This may seem quite cruel, but it will help the dog to feel safe. Add a dog bed and/or a comfortable blanket to the cage, and let them have access to fresh drinking water too.

Toys they can chew

A dog no matter how old it is, will need toys it can chew. Toys will help them to get rid of energy, and it will ensure that they have a bit of fun too. Pick something that’s appropriate to the size of your dog, and one that will not damage their teeth.

Prepare for little accidents

When you’re training a dog to learn where to ‘Go’, you should be prepared for little accidents. It will take your dog a while to learn where they can and cannot poop or pee. Remember to praise good behavior (Such as pooping in the right place) as this will encourage them to go back to that spot again.

Regularly walk your dog

Even small dogs need to be walked, they need to get rid of all their energy and they love the outdoors. Walk your dog at least once a day, and ideally allow them to run around so they can really enjoy themselves. An exercised dog is a happy and healthy dog.




This summer millions of home owners across the country will be looking to make it big on the rejuvenated British housing market. From converted garages and attics through to new wallpaper and the smell of home cooked bread, home owners will try every trick in the book to squeeze the maximum value from their house. However many will overlook their house’s most critical asset, the garden.

Many housing experts swear that a well presented garden will add between 5 and 10% to the overall value of a house. To put that in terms of cold hard cash, the average home owner in England and Wales could be sitting on whopping £20,000 extra in revenue, not a bad return from a little landscaping! Investing in your garden is therefore a relatively low risk path to maximizing the value of your property. Here we explore how even modest investments can yield serious gains on the housing market.

How to get more for less

According to Lloyds TSB the average British garden has an insurance value of around £2,000. When you consider this could add 10 times that value to the overall property, a couple of grand might seem like a reasonable investment!

For those with that kind of excess capital, consider large changes to the garden’s landscape and ‘infrastructure’. If you have the space, carve it up into different sections. For instance, a decked platform with a table instantly becomes an al fresco dining area, a custom built brick BBQ an outdoor kitchen. Or how about in place of a shed invest in a stylish summer house? Watch big kids’ eyes light up as they contemplate having their very own games room at the bottom of the garden. Or, why not join over 10% of all families in Britain and install your very own hot-tub? A sunken Jacuzzi will make your garden look more luxurious, and after all you can always take it with you when you leave!

For those who can’t afford or do not want to make massive changes to the landscape, the value of a garden can still be raised with low cost, traditional methods. Maintaining trees and hedges and planting blooming flowers will help to foster a natural and welcoming atmosphere. A well-kept patch filled with seasonal vegetables will tug on your buyer’s nostalgia for a more rustic life, even in people with no intention of self-sufficiency. Better yet nothing makes a garden look more pristine than topiary art which, when chosen carefully, adds an effortless class to your lawn that is sure to get buyers’ aspirational senses tingling.

Much more than a garden

Remember, your prospective buyer is seeing so much more than trees and grass. They are seeing a place for their children to play and grow, somewhere they will spend long summer evenings or host barbeques and garden parties with loved ones. With a bit of thought, anyone can turn their garden from a patch of grass into a real money spinning opportunity.



The thought of moving to a smaller home may seem quite daunting, but it can be done. If you’re moving to a smaller property for whatever reason, you may have to decide between what you want to take with you, and what you’re going to leave behind.

Here are some tips that could help you to downsize without too much fuss:

1 Start as soon as you can

One of the best things you can do is to start downsizing as soon as you can. Don’t leave things to the last minute as you may become overwhelmed. Start today, and you’ll soon find that the process is so much easier. My parents are moving home in a few months’ time, they have already started downsizing, so their new live in their new home is less cluttered. You should ideally finish sorting through things a few weeks before you move so you can start packing your things into boxes.

2 Decide what you need to leave behind

Let’s face it, none of us particularly enjoy leaving things behind, but sometimes we just have to. Get some brightly colored labels and stick them on anything you plan to leave. Once you’re done, sell the items, donate them to charity, or ask a friend or family member if they want them.

3 Decide what you need to take with you

You probably have a lot of things that you want to take with you. My Tigerstrike taekwondo gear will definitely come with me when I move house, but my old bookcase that’s crammed with odds and ends won’t. it’s not always easy to decide what you’re going to take with you, especially if you’re not sure how much space you’ll actually have.

Try to think about what you need to use every day, and then think about what you like to use now and again. These are the items that you should take with you.

4 Get rid of those ‘Just in case’ things

Let’s face it, we all have those ‘just in case’ things, but it’s likely that we don’t use them, and we probably never will. You don’t have to get rid of every single ‘Just in case’ item, but you may want to cut down on them, and only keep the essentials. For example, do you really need that spare waterproof jacket just in case your other one gets torn?

5 Consider new storage options

When we move to a smaller property, we often imagine that our new home will be very full of all our things. The fact of the matter is that we don’t have to put up with having piles of things in the corner of a room, if we have the right kind of storage. Why not get a new bed that has storage space underneath it? Think about keeping things in the garage, shed or loft. If you under-use one of your cupboards, why not make sure you use the space to store something else?

As you can see, there are a good few ways that can help you to downsize and move into a smaller home. You will have to make some sacrifices, but if you plan ahead and decide what you need to take and what you don’t, chances are moving into a smaller home will be so much easier.